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ALPIKA Outdoor Playhouses

At alpiaka, we know that children need plenty of enjoyment in life. So we make our castle play tent indoor outdoor kids playhouse for that. With our easy to follow instructions and bill of materials, you'll be doneleing out your own design and set up in no time. Plus, we have a wide range of options for muraling, decor and sizes to make it all come together.

ALPIKA Castle Play Tent Indoor Outdoor Kids Playhouse for Ch
ALPIKA Castle Play Tent, Indoor and Outdoor Kids Playhouse w
Alpika Castle Play Tent, Indoor And Outdoor Kids Playhouse W
ALPIKA Castle Play Tent Mermaid Indoor and Outdoor Kids Play
ALPIKA Pop-Up Tent for Kids Toy Playhouse Castle Princess Pl

ALPIKA Pop-Up Tent for Kids


USD $60.19

ALPIKA Kids Play Tent Castle Children Playhouse Birthday Gif

ALPIKA Kids Play Tent Castle


USD $32.19

Top 10 ALPIKA Outdoor Playhouses Comparison

This is a great indoor playhouse for smaller children or for storing away empty playpen-style tent. It is also perfect for outside playing. The soft, cozy interior will make you feel happy and safe outside all morning.
the alpika outdoor playhouses are the perfect solution for playing outside with your friends and family. With its stylish design and weatherproof construction, the alpika playhouses are made to last. With room for up to 20 players, this playhouse is perfect for all your outdoor gaming needs. With a one-time money-back guarantee, it's easy to ensure that you're getting the best possible experience with the alpika playhouses.
the alpika outdoor playhouses are the perfect solution for children who want to have fun in the woods and outdoors. The playhouses are made with durable canvas and plastic materials that make them long-lasting. Plus, the carrying bag gives the playhouses extra profile.